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Free Vintage Easter Cards

I love old stationary and cards. It is no secret that I buy Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthday, basically any occasion vintage cards when I see them in antique stores.

I enjoy reading the sweet notes written in them.

Imagine how exciting it was to receive a card in the mail from a loved one.

The cards were so beautifully made.

You may not always find them in the shops, but there are plenty of cards that are royalty free online.

You can print until your heart's content!

I compiled 3 sheets of vintage cards that I found on

You can download these sheets and print them from home or print them at any copy shop.

I emailed mine to Office Max and they printed it within an hour.

I asked them to print on cardstock. It makes them look more card like.

I like to tuck them in my decor.

What will you do with yours?

Here's what your printable will look like.

I hope you enjoy!


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